Our market knowledge, experience and skills in 360° Virtual Reality productions for global brands is hard to match

360 Video Productions


Our Virtual Reality (VR) Videos are great for businesses and organisations of all kinds. 

  • Create AMAZING 'in-store' Customer Experiences 

  • Perfect for Expos, Marketing Activations, Social Media Campaigns and more

  • Brand and enrich your business with the most innovative technology


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VR App Development


Virtual Reality is not just about great video content, it's also about great applications.


TaKanto expert App Developers develop iOS and Android VR 360 apps that disrupt the way brands share and distribute content and knowledge.

Let us develop the perfect VR app for your brand and take your customer experience to the next level!        

Real Estate 360° 
3D Animations & Photography

Our Virtual Reality tours are great for realtors and businesses of all kinds.

Don't waste precious time and money just to showcase one unit when you can take prospects through dozens of virtual tours or simulate the future development in 3D.

Unity, 3ds max, Unreal - We master all engines

Consulting for Brands & Agencies

If your company is just starting to explore the vast opportunities the new VR technology has to offer and you need a trusted advisor for this exciting journey - TaKanto is up to the task.

Our vast experience with global brands will grant you an access to all the relevant information and guidance towards a stellar VR project.

When designing a 360° project, there are many aspects to consider.

 TaKanto defines the objectives and success criteria of your project and combine all the necessary elements for a top-quality production


TaKanto will support you from in every aspect, from shaping the concept until to a full deployment.

Our 360° content can also be distributed across multiple platforms including YouTube 360 and Facebook 360.