TaKanto Sets New Record with Travel Industry VR Production



Telling a friend about your latest adventure is one thing, but immersing them in the travel experience through virtual reality movies take storytelling to a whole different level. It’s the kind of stuff that turns an armchair traveler into a real traveler.

Takanto Virtual Reality did exactly this to help AirAsia celebrate ASEAN’s 50th anniversary. They immersed potential travelers in 10 different countries serviced by AirAsia flights in the largest 360 video production to date.



To capture purely breathtaking moments, TaKanto filmed 20 clips and 300 final scenes in 23 separate cities over the course of 13 filming weeks. The clips included 2 helicopters, 30 drone shots, 5 ziplines, 3 hot air balloons, and 3 paragliders. The final products feature both well known and off the beaten track destinations.

Traditional filming includes immobile tripods and cameras on the ground. Takanto used diagonal mounting of cameras on carbon fibre poles to capture smooth and stable movement over land and water and eliminate an unviewable area under the equipment. This hovering technique was specially developed by the Singapore-based virtual reality production company after extensive filming for the travel industry.

Since this was the first 360-degree video project of its scale in the travel industry, there was no framework or policies in place to enable it. The production required substantial project management, including coordination with each ASEAN Tourism Board. This required several rare and tough first time government approvals, including permission to film balloons over the ancient city of Bagan, film within the temple complex of Angkor Wat, fly drones over Su Pan Village in SaPa, Vietnam, and showcase exotic cars on public streets in Singapore.



The exposure of the campaign was immense with over 2.5 million views on YouTube, 8.7 million views on Facebook, 30,000 shares and 150,000 likes. Subsequent media exposure consisted of over 300 news items about the campaign in 14 different languages.

Additionally, the virtual reality campaign was reusable. Twenty marketing clips were provided to AirAsia regional offices to align with country-specific promotions and other programs.

The project resulted in TaKanto’s shortlisting for the 2017 Mumbrella award for Most Engaging 360 Video, Virtual Reality or Augmented Reality Work.

Travel Takes a New (Virtual) Dimension



Tourism Queensland (TEQ) and AirAsia X needed a new way to inspire travelers to visit the Gold Coast. With so many destinations for holiday makers to choose from, they wanted to create a novel and accessible marketing experience that would cause the locale to linger in people’s minds. The duo turned to TaKanto Virtual Reality to promote the airline and destination through 360-degree videos.



Footage was shot within AirAsia aircraft and around popular Gold Coast destinations to simulate the feel of actual travel. Three separate videos were created to target different demographics. The resulting virtual reality movies include a romantic, a family and an adventure production. They were tied in with a giveaway from AirAsia to further enhance the experience.



The clips resulted in hundreds of thousands of views on YouTube and Facebook. They are frequently used by TEQ in Asia to attract people to exhibit booths and garner attention.

VR Travel Library Increases Flight Centre Sales and

Brand in Industry-First Trial



Travel agencies must stay on their game to remain relevant in a world where booking holidays online is the order of the day. Flight Centre is one agency revolutionizing travel booking and they are pulling it off with the help of Takanto Virtual Reality.

Visitors to three Flight Centre branches in Singapore were treated to a virtual reality preview of potential holiday locations to build confidence and excitement in their destination choice.



Takanto Virtual Reality pulled off this industry-first in Asia by creating modular reusable videos of destinations that comprise a travel library. The videos were viewed onsite through virtual reality headsets.

The initial trial experience included 360-degree videos of Cairns, Hanoi and Tokyo, allowing viewers to scuba dive, visit ancient towns or stand amidst urban city lights on their lunch break.

In addition to being a good sales tool and fun for the customers, the videos also serve as a training tool for sales consultants to build and strengthen their product knowledge.



Initial feedback from customers, sales consultants and business partners was positive.  Ninety percent of participants said they would be interested in seeing virtual reality movies of more holiday destinations.  Consultants were keen to add more destinations to rely on as sales tools. Partners, like Tourism and Events Queensland, are already on board for program expansion.

Flight Centre saw a sales conversion bump of 19 percent with the virtual reality program. This number is expected to settle to 10 percent as the intial buzz settles down.

The program also produced substantial media coverage with articles featured in outlets including The Business Times, Singapore Hardware Zone, Vulcan Post, TravHQ, Travel Daily Asia and Web In Travel. The total value of published coverage is over 135,000 USD.

This new travel shopping experience is transforming customer perceptions of what it means to choose a holiday. Flight Centre and TaKanto Virtual Reality are planning to add more videos to the travel library. The videos will align with products, campaigns, and targeted audiences. They will continue to serve as sales and training tools and a brand differentiator for Flight Centre.

Attracting Students with Campus Virtual Reality Tours



Choosing a school or field of study can be an overwhelming endeavor for young adults just embarking on big life decisions. Similarly, schools may find it difficult to get the attention of the right students even when they advertise their offerings regularly.

Ngee Ann Polytechnic wanted an innovative way to reach out to the right students in a way that reflected their tech savvy and forward thinking brand.

The Singaporean institute of higher learning employed teamed up with Takanto Virtual Reality to produce a 360–degree video tour of the campus.



The tour included lectures, studios and lab sessions. The production showcased state of the art facilities like the green screen studio in the School of Film and Media Studies and aircraft in the School of Engineering.

The virtual reality video even included a clip of VR game development within the school of Infocomm Technology. As VR technology grows in pervasiveness, training in this field will be an important element within education.

Prospective students were invited to view the experience through virtual reality headsets during the polytechnic’s open house. Current Ngee Ann students staffed the booth to assist the viewers and gain experience with virtual reality systems. Those who could not attend the event were invited to view the 360 video production online.



The event allowed prospective students to get a look and feel for the classrooms as though classes were actually in session. The online version of the tour received over 12,000 views.

Furthermore, the video reflected the school as on the cutting edge of technology through the content and the medium that it was shot in.

Johnson & Johnson Commission Virtual Reality Animation

to Teach Oral Hygiene


Listerine has long stated that brushing alone is not enough to maintain a clean and healthy mouth. Parent company Johnson & Johnson asked TaKanto Virtual Reality to create a virtual reality experience for students, dentist and employees to demonstrate the added benefit of using Listerine in oral hygiene routines.



The Singapore-based VR production company created a 3D animation that places the viewer into an anatomically correct mouth. The 360- degree video was shown to students in Hong Kong and governments within Asia.


The virtual reality movie raised awareness on the benefits of using mouth wash and generated overwhelmingly positive feedback.


TaKanto Teases a Taste of Travel for Tourism Queensland



Tourism Queensland (TEQ) is transforming potential visitors into actual travelers by giving them a taste of Queensland virtually. TEQ has selected TaKanto Virtual Reality as their vendor for 360 video production. Singapore based company, TaKanto has already completed virtual reality movies of four top tourism attractions in the state.


The VR production company created clips of the Gold Coast, Cairns, Fraser Island and Sunshine Coast. Viewers can experience skydiving, helicopters, hot air balloons and underwater adventures through advanced 360-degree footage.


The clips are not just for armchair travelers. The footage was presented at global conferences, used as travel agent training tools and frequently used on social media by TEQ and its partners, including SilkAir. The films have attracted a hefty audience, both online and in booths.