TaKanto Virtual Reality, the leading Virtual Reality production company in Asia-Pacific, was founded in Singapore by a skilled team of Entrepreneurs, Tech experts, Design professionals and Marketing leaders. 


TaKanto Virtual Reality is proud in its global customer base with leading brands from Australia, Singapore, USA and Europe.



Ariel Talbi, Managing Director

Ariel is a seasoned  Sales & Business Development Leader with 12 years experience leading global teams in both B2B and B2C organizations.

Ariel is passionate about developing people, channels, and new markets for innovative technologies and companies.


Rene Wilson, Animation & Design Leader

Rene is passionate about every aspect of life and design. Her approach in design grounded from the Design Hierarchy of Needs. She's conceptual and strategic thinker focus on visual identity and brand development. Rene believes a brand is "the whole human experience"​, therefore she explores diverse skill set. From Branding to VR Graphic, Photography to Illustration and Digital to Craft.

Herbert Ascher, Operations Leader

Herbert has over 10 year’s experience within the IT Services & Operatins market, holding a number of senior client facing sales and account management positions. He worked with customers across industries in Europe, India, Middle East, Africa and Turkey. Herbert’s key skills are commercial and contractual deal making including HR and financial solution models, IT services solution & design. 

Dennis Rosenthal, Media & VR Innovation Leader

Dennis is a seasoned Video producer/editor with experience on several platforms. Wide set of post skills such as graphics work and audio mixing. He has extensive professional experience in the film and television business as a producer, cinematographer, and editor. Dennis has created videos from start to finish for companies such as the UFC, FOX Networks, CBS, Sony, Break Media, and Surfer Magazine.

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Advisory Board









Boaz Goldschmidt


Mr. Goldschmidt has been active in international technology start-ups and venture capital since 1993.


Mr. Goldschmidt was the co-founder of Yozma Venture Capital and the core of its management team. Mr. Goldschmidt led many of Yozma's investments in Communications and Internet companies, including in Conduit.com, where he later served as VP Corporate Development.


Prior to joining Yozma, Mr. Goldschmidt gained extensive experience as head of the Royalties Department at the Office of the Chief Scientist. In this capacity Mr. Goldschmidt evaluated investments in hundreds of high-tech companies primarily in the fields of Communications, Software, Medical Devices and Microelectronics.


Mr. Goldschmidt holds a BA degree in Economics and an MBA










Udi Levy


Mr. Levy brings years of technical and managerial experience in the global software industry. Mr. Levy is an expert at refining complicated business strategies and translating them into a coherent and executable R&D plan. Mr. Levy has vast experience in the global technology market.

Mr. Levy holds a BSc degree in Engineering and an MBA degree